Craig and Jen in Florence, Italy.

We Never Stop Planning!

Hello! We are Craig and Jennifer Chevalier and we never stop planning for our next traveling adventure. We are from northern New York. That doesn’t mean we are an hour train ride north of New York City. Our house is a stone’s throw from Canada!

We both work in the financial world and together have four sons……yes, all boys! Ours is an average family with a middle class income and a soul that wants to see the world.

We want to walk on the road that Julius Caesar once stepped on and sit under a tree that Henry VIII once galloped under. While wanting these things so badly, we figured out how to do it and make it work, even with college tuition looming.

While planning our honeymoon, we realized that European travel was more affordable than we thought. And we started talking about this to all of our family and friends. You can expect that all of our adventures take place with a modest budget. And you can expect us to discuss cost-saving measures that you can employ to make your travel dreams a reality too.

We have one motto: Never Stop Planning. Subscribe to our blog to learn helpful hints that we’ve learned on our travels and to follow along on our adventures. We will send you two blog posts a month and a third post that includes a link to our monthly podcast.

Welcome, and thanks for joining us! #NeverStopPlanning

Jen and Craig