Viking Questions

The response and interest we’ve received since announcing our April 2024 Viking Rhine Getaway group cruise has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone for your interest! We’ve also received several questions about the cruise, so we thought we’d put the most frequent ones in one post. The most frequent question or comment we receive is … More Viking Questions

Greece. Mama Mia!

Imagine a glossy eyed “younger” Jennifer watching Mama Mia for the 100th time promising herself she would get to Greece one day. At the time if felt like a pipe dream between running three boys to hockey, baseball, football, karate, etc. Even as she belted out Dancing Queen alongside Meryl Streep in her living room … More Greece. Mama Mia!

Time To Set Sail!

What better place to make an announcement than our blog! For those of you that have been following our adventures on here we want to first apologize for our content slowing down to a snail’s pace. Or rather the tortoise going backwards on the track. However, we are ecstatic for the reason. Our travel agency … More Time To Set Sail!

Return To Rome

For those of you that have been following our blog, you know that Italy holds a special place in our heart. Our first love for travel was born in Rome. Everything about that trip was perfect. The weather, the people, the energy enveloping us at every turn. With this perfection brought a little fear for … More Return To Rome