It’s Our 2nd Anniversary!

Our 2nd anniversary already?! We can’t believe how quickly time has passed! Thank you so much for trusting us with your travel planning for the past two years!

We started our business to help people get out and travel. And you are traveling! This past year alone we’ve sent three of your families to Italy; we’ve sent you to Greece; we’ve sent you to St. Lucia; we’ve sent you to Florida; we’ve sent you to Chicago; we’ve sent a few of you to the Bahamas; and we’ve sent you to Nashville.

And we’ve already helped many of you plan your dream vacations for next year. We are grateful for your trust. We enjoyed planning each and every one of your trips!

What’s Next?

One thing that we are super proud of is the amount of training that we do. We dedicate time each week to some sort of training so that we can give you the exact trip you are hoping for. Because of that, we have become Certified Travel to Italy Specialists, Certified Ireland Specialists, and Certified Viking Specialists. Each of these designations required hours of training and the passing of a series of tests.

We are pretty happy with the evolution of our agency. We are currently working on earning the designation of Certified Group Travel Specialists. We’ve already planned one group trip and will be making an announcement soon about our next group trip. Stay tuned! You don’t want to miss this one!

When we started the agency, we thought if we could help one couple each year get out and travel that we would consider that a success. Now we are helping dozens and dozens of you travel, from solo travelers, to couples, families and large groups.

We are eternally grateful for all of your support and trust. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Jen and Craig


P.S. You can check out our 1st anniversary post here.

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