Time To Set Sail!

What better place to make an announcement than our blog! For those of you that have been following our adventures on here we want to first apologize for our content slowing down to a snail’s pace. Or rather the tortoise going backwards on the track. However, we are ecstatic for the reason. Our travel agency business is booming!

Stahleck Castle overlooking the Rhine River with Viking Longship

We started this blog to get people out in the world. To help those with a fear of traveling to feel confident jumping on that plane to sit beneath the Eiffel Tower or take their pilgrimage to Vatican City. Our agency is allowing us a hands-on opportunity to make that happen. That hectic planning has cut into our time to write to you. We will do our best to get back to our story telling because we do have so much to tell you still!

Ok, enough of that. We are sure some of you are skimming past at this point and thinking to yourself, “Just tell us already!! What is the news?!” Well, since you have been so patient…..

Drum Roll……

WE ARE HOSTING A GROUP VIKING RIVER CRUISE IN APRIL 2024!! We start in Amsterdam and end in the city of Basel, sailing down the famous Rhine River! This will be our first group venture and we are beyond excited to share this opportunity with you. Let’s tell you a little more about it.

The Netherlands

We will begin our journey in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. You all know the picture of bikes lined up with a flower-lined canal as the backdrop. We will be there during tulip season (insert Jen’s squealing)!

Traditional old buildings and tulips in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Next stop is Kinderdijk, The Netherlands, which is home to the famous windmills. Various excursions are available from taking bicycles through the grasslands to getting a little closer to the world-famous Dutch cheese.


We continue to sail down to Cologne, Germany. This is the location of the Dom (Cologne Cathedral), Germany’s largest cathedral. Difficult decisions will need to be made on the excursions here. Walking tours of Old Town, hit the top of the Dom, palaces, or a dive into Germany’s beer culture. We are still undecided between three…

The Rhine River Park and Great St. Martin Church in Cologne, Germany

We continue down the Rhine to Koblenz & Rudesheim, Germany. This day is split between the two cities filled with castles and fortresses. Try wine tasting at a Monastery or Schloss Johannisberg Estate. Or choose to simply stroll through the historic towns.

The following morning you can take your leisure on the sun deck admiring the German landscape passing you by as we head to the next stop, Speyer, Germany. Here you will have the chance to explore the Speyer Cathedral or Heidelberg, Germany’s oldest university, for the afternoon.


Another new country awaits! The next morning we dock in Strasbourg, France. A city known for its blended German and French cultures. Churches, historic bridges, art, parks, architecture and everything in between. A wide variety of excursions are available to choose from. Explore the city on a walking tour, take a food tour, taste the wines of France or even check out the Mercedes-Benz factory.

We will swing back to Germany to hit Breisach and the Black Forest. Mountains, rolling meadows, dense forests and the home of the cuckoo clock and black forest cake. Excursions are available to explore the village of Colmar or take e-bikes into the forest. Either choice will allow you to feel like you have jumped into a story book.


Our final stop will be Basel, Switzerland, the gateway to the Swiss Rhineland. We will be where the borders of three countries meet; France, Germany and Switzerland. Here we will disembark after one last breakfast on ship. We will be free to take in a few sites before heading home from a magical journey.

Four countries in eight days. Amazing meals onboard included. Plus, as an added bonus, WE WILL BE THERE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Who doesn’t want to vacation with the Traveling Chevaliers?! 😉

Have a question? We’re right there. Need directions? Just ask us. Need a reminder? You get the picture…. We promise you can escape us and choose whatever excursion calls to you at every port or simply stay on the sundeck of the ship and relax on the Rhine.

We are personally checking off multiple places on our bucket list with this trip. Come let us help you check some off of yours.

You can go to our personal Viking website by clicking here. You will find FAQs, the layout of the ship, cabin options and a description of each excursion.

Space is limited and will sell out fast. Contact us to reserve your spot and to take advantage of the Traveling Chevaliers group discount today!

Aquavit Terrace at dawn with breakfast on the table onboard the Viking Longship Hlin in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany

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