Tips For Smoother Travel

Here are some quick tips for smoother summer and fall travel:

  1. Get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Lines are long, so make sure to give yourself extra time to help reduce your stress level.
  2. Prepare for delays. They happen, although some airports have higher percentages of delays than others. Book a direct flight whenever possible.
  3. Use carry-on luggage whenever possible. This can help reduce wait times to check your luggage and eliminates the need to wait at baggage claim.
  4. Be prepared for delayed or lost luggage. Take all electronics and a change of clothing with you in your carry-on. This can be invaluable if your luggage is delayed to your destination.
  5. Take advantage of club memberships. Airlines will go the extra mile for their club members.
  6. Download airline apps. This is usually the best way to get updated information.
  7. Consider incentives to change flights. Airlines have been offering great incentives if you agree to take a later flight. If your time allows, consider this option as it may come with great benefits.
  8. Be flexible. Everyone working in the travel industry is a bit stressed. Try to have some patience.
  9. Add a day at each end of your trip to handle travel issues. It isn’t always possible but planning a full day to travel may be the stress relief that you need.
  10. Contact us. We are here to help you enjoy a wonderful vacation. We will provide updated information so you can make informed decisions.

Feel free to download the attached guide on tips for smoother travel and call us with any questions. We’ll be back with more helpful information in upcoming blogs.

Thanks for reading, and #NeverStopPlanning

Jen and Craig

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