Podcast Episode 5-Bucket Lists

In our latest podcast episode, we discuss the places we want to see again, new things to see in places we’ve already been, and what’s on each of our bucket lists. You can listen to the episode here. We had hoped to have our friends Ben and Jamie Favro join us on this episode to discuss Jamaica, but due to Covid protocols we had to reschedule. Look for them to join us on our next podcast episode!

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

When we get back to Italy, Jen wants to take an e-bike trip along the ancient Appian Way. That trip takes you to Aqueduct Park, another must-see. One thing she needs to get back to is the Roman Forum. Craig needs to get back to the Colosseum, and hopefully take a VIP tour to see the old dungeons and cells beneath the fighting floor. If you’ve taken this type of tour, please leave a remark in the comment section! We’d love to hear about your experience.

Egyptian obelisk, Rome, Italy. The closest Craig will ever get to Egypt.

One place that Jen wants to visit, that we haven’t been to yet, is Capri. One of our boys picked this trip for our previously planned Italy vacation and it has really piqued her interest. Have you been to Capri? Craig is really looking forward to seeing the rolling hills and cypress trees in Tuscany, and walking on the iconic roadway.

We get asked a lot about what our bucket lists look like. Jen has Austria and Germany first on her list right now, but also has Scotland and Ireland on her list. Did you know that Jen is a professional Loch Ness Monster hunter? (Not really, but she is dying to find it!) And her dream has always been to visit Alaska. Craig also has Austria and Germany on his list, but has always wanted to get to Egypt and China. It may take some arm twisting to get Jen to agree to going.

Thank you all for reading and listening. Tell us what’s on your bucket list below. #NeverStopPlanning

Jen and Craig

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